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Countryside Bicycle Tour

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in this 2 hours tour, You will pedals around the untouched countryside around Agra. You will see the beautiful views of Taj Mahal from different locations along with the rural life. Highlights : 1- Experience village life 2- Visit Agricultural fields 3- Visit the village school 4- Learn about local Art 5- Interact with the locals 6- Enjoy unique views of Taj 7- Learn about traditional cooking methods

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Country Side Tour

"The soul of India lies in its villages" these words by Mahatma Gandhi hold true for various reasons. In India, villages are symbolic of the earthy, traditional, rustic and relaxed way of life. Predominantly inhabited by farmers, where people live off the land and are in tune with nature and their local environment. In comparison to the cities, village life is slow paced, calm and peaceful, cuisine more authentic, organic, music, dance and folklore are modes of relaxation.

Agra By Cycle helps you discover the unexplored and untouched rural beauty of India and experience the tradition and lifestyle of villagers, indulge in local delicacies, witness local traditions and rituals and learn about the region's folk art, crafts, legends, music and dance. The destinations on this tour have been reviewed and hand-picked by Agra by Cycle team for the value it offers in terms of natural beauty, safety, accessibility, cultural activities and traditional practices followed by the people there.

We will explore the countryside to the east of Taj Mahal. On our way to the village, we will visit several local industries and activities as well as a school, where we will learn about education in villages. At the village we will interact with a local family and then walk around the village and the surrounding area.