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Tai Chi or Kung Fu Plus Calligraphy Learning Class

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Tai Chi is a Chinese exercise that uses slow, smooth body movements to achieve a state of relaxation of both body and mind. A multitude of training forms exist from traditional to modern. Tai Chi is believed to have mental and physical health benefits to improve postures, balance, flexibility and strength. Modern practices of Tai Chi often include sequences of slow movements coordinated with deep breathing and mental attention. A high level of concentration is usually involved, and sessions are intensely focused and quiet. The word "Kung Fu" in Chinese also refers to "Time" which means to become a Kung Fu master must be through years of Time-consuming practice. This Chinese Kung Fu class is hold in Temple of Heaven, and will provide you a special and unique experience during your visit to Beijing. It's a small group class and very family friendly! After learning Chinese Kung Fu, you will continue a 90-minute Chinese Calligraphy class.

Itinerary Details

Meet your Tai Chi or Kung Fu master at 9:00am or your preferred time (2pm) at East gate of Temple of Heaven.

In the Tai Chi class you will learn the basics of tai chi  Your expert instructor will explain the foundation of tai chi, a Chinese martial art that is said to benefit the body’s overall health. Hear about the philosophy of Taoism, and yin and yang, then practice some slow deliberate movements combined with deep breathing and focus, the essence of tai chi.

If you choose the Kung Fu class, you will  learn Kung fu basic moves like punching fist, kicking or stamping foot, standing like riding horse, Our teacher will guide you to understand more about Kung Fu spirit and its essence. You will also practice some self defense techniques like Qin NA ( joint -locking) or practical fighting applications.

Since there are some violent and quick movement in Kung Fu teaching, in case to prevent some accident injuries, please inform your master if you had any physical surgery before or hidden danger it might occur before the class.

After finishing your Kung Fu class, you will spend another 90-minute in a Chinese Calligraphy class.